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EarMuffers® ear plugs are an exciting new product using patented methodology to revolutionize the ear plug market. Unlike the traditional ear plug which is inserted directly into the ear canal, EarMuffers® ear plugs provides a non-invasive, comfortable and secure fit by being placed on the outside of the ear.

EarMuffers® ear plugs utilizes a unique peel ‘n stick design in which the product made of a soft comfortable foam pad is placed on top of the tragus which in turn closes down on top of the auditory canal and is held firmly in place on the outside of the ear by a special medical grade adhesive.

Focus groups provided testimonials about the effectiveness of EarMuffers® ear plugs. When given a choice all focus group participants chose EarMuffers® ear plugs over the leading national brands.

EarMuffers® ear plugs have a range of applications from providing a musician with ear plugs that work better than previously available technology, providing noise reduction to those with a noisy workplace, or for someone looking to get better sleep on an airplane.

EarMuffers® ear plugs also provide relief to sufferers of insomnia or other sleep disorders and sleep problems and answer the question of how to get better sleep.

For those looking to get better sleep with a snoring spouse, a snoring pet or who themselves snore and want to provide their loved ones with an option for a better rest, EarMuffers® ear plugs have been utilized by many customers as an effective noise reducing option that allowed for peaceful sleep with snoring loved ones.

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Check out what some of our satisfied EarMuffers® customers have to say about their experience with the modern earplug.

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…now I can sleep better with my snoring husband… Marilyn M.

…finally a good night’s sleep; it provided a cure for insomnia… Joady C.

…great help with noise reduction for a better night’s sleep… George C.

…most comfortable ear plugs I ever used… Kelly L.

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